Westnet is one of Australia's largest telecommunications providers, with services extending to a full range of various Internet connections and telephone and television services to homes and businesses throughout the country. Established in 1994 in the west-Australian city of Geraldton.

The company is wholly owned by iiNet Limited, the country's second largest Internet Service Provider, serving more than 1.3 million customers.

With a client base in excess of 220,000 and a staff of 450, many of whom are directly involved in providing top-rate customer service, Westnet has received numerous awards, including the Australian PC Authority Best Tech Award for Best Broadband ISP several years running. Services provided by the company include:

- Dial-up Internet

- Broadband ADSL

- Broadband ADSL2+

- Mobile Broadband

- Satellite Broadband

- Telephony

- Digital Television, Movies and Games

- Web Hosting

- Domain Registration

- Business Telecom Solutions


One of Westnet's newest offerings, and one that is gaining tremendous popularity, is FetchTV. This is delivered through your Westnet ADSL Internet connection. The FetchTV service provides a whole host of entertainment features, including:

- All free-to-air television channels

- Access to newly released movies

- On-demand movies and premium television channels

- Games, music and access on your television screen to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube™

- Access to world TV channels, including sports, news, food, lifestyle and spiritual programming

With several customizable FetchTV packages on offer, home viewers are able to order exactly what best fits their needs. The service comes with a television set-top box that doubles as a video recorder, enabling users to record up to two programs while simultaneously viewing a third program. The hard drive is capable of storing up to 1000 hours of recorded programming and has a simple plug-and-play setup. The box is even accessible from your Smartphone, providing full functionality even when away.