Vodafone offers mobile users a wide variety of choices for cell phones, mobile data devices and options within the plans. Buyers can also get their hands on the latest iPhone, Android or Windows phone as well as the iPad and Android tablets.

Vodafone currently offers 3G data service, and has plans to offer 3G+ and 4G data in the near future.

The handset selection is excellent, giving users the opportunity to get the phone that they need for their purposes. The latest smartphones such as the latest version of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line are available for those who want a computer in their pocket. Phones from Nokia, Doro, HTC, Huawei and Sony are also available. Those who prefer less features on their handset have limited options in the post-paid plans, but more to choose from in the pre-paid plans.

Post-paid or contract plans come in varying degrees of features. All have a data package of some amount available, but overages are charged at a steep rate. Some plans give the option of one or the other for those who use voice but not text, or text but not voice on a heavy basis. It is possible to get plans that have text and voice and a high data limit.

Internet-on-the-go is available in the form of a 3G+ modem that plugs into any open USB port on a computer. The modem can be used anywhere there is service, and downloads at speeds faster than regular 3G.

Tablets with Internet access are on tap with selections from Galaxy, Sony and Apple. Buyers can get the tablet they want and select from a data plan that makes sense to them. Browse the Internet, read a book or watch a movie wherever and whenever you want with any tablet.