Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile doesn't offer a whole lot in the way of phone variety, but it does offer the latest and hottest phones from the major manufacturers for customers. What sets Virgin apart from the rest is its focus on customer service and benefits, as well as offering pre- and post-paid plans.

It also offers a portable wifi modem for accessing the Internet anywhere there is cellular service. Virgin operates on the Optus network as opposed to having its own wireless network.

The amount of phones available for contracts is somewhat limited. Virgin does carry all of the hottest phones from the most popular manufacturers. Overall, the selection is limited, but this is in keeping with Virgin's vision of keeping costs down. All of the phones available on a pre-paid plan are of the smartphone variety, and no phones with less features on them are available. Pre-paid plans get very little in the way of options for plans in general.

Those who have their own mobile, and want to bring it over to take advantage of Virgin's plans can do so with a SIM kit. There are a few different types of SIMs available, including one for the iPhone. Users can get a SIM that meets their needs when it comes to how much they use their phone.

Mobile broadband comes in the form of a USB modem that plugs into any computer with a free port. Different plans offer different amounts of data for all types of users.

Virgin offers users services such as free voicemail, and unlimited mobile calls and texting to other Virgin users. The option to make international calls and texts is available as well. All plans have data service on them, with more data being available on the more expensive plans.