How can I decide which mobile broadband is the best for me in Australia?

The broad, uncultivated expanses of Australia are becoming less remote thanks to the emergence of mobile broadband providers. The companies offering this communications service are eager to expand their public awareness. To that end, they offer various mobile broadband packages that promise reliable operations at affordable prices.


One of the better known companies carpeting Australia is Virgin Mobile Broadband. Beginning with a prepaid version, Virgin Mobile has a series of communication plans that are designed to meet just about everybody's needs. The prepaid plan has a first year cost of $29, with a monthly fee also at $29. Adding a wireless modem to the package costs $99 and the monthly fee is $30. Download speed for this system is cited as mobile broadband. Payment can be made with a credit card or through direct debit.

Another Virgin Mobile deal includes coverage on the Optus 3G---Dual Band---Network. It can also become part of Virgin's WiFi Mobile Broadband Modem. This system doesn't require wires, and doesn't need connection with a computer. Modem to modem contact is possible up to 15 meters away, and three WiFi enabled devices can be added to the system during the same transmission. The Mobile Broadband 4GB--Micro SIM has a monthly cost of $30, while the monthly broadband cost is $29. The download speed is mobile broadband.

Club Telco is another provider eager to have an impact in Australia's mobile broadband arena. It offers Club Mobile Broadband 5GB. The annual membership fee is $50, with a monthly charge of $25. The first-year sign-up is $75. Speed is again promised as mobile broadband and payments can be made with credit cards or by direct debit. Club Telco's plan has no excess usage charges, although there could be a system slowdown for customers who engage in voluminous transmissions.

Go 9GB is a mobile broadband system offered by TPG. The first year cost and deposit total $95. The modem delivery fee is $10 and monthly payments of $35 must be made in advance. Mobil broadband speed is a given, with a data allowance of 9GB.
Yes Optus presents a package that has a first year price of $109, and a monthly fee of $30. The wireless modem costs $99 and a premium modem goes for $69. It also has mobile broadband speed.

Check out these, and other mobile broadband systems, to get your best deal.