How can I change internet provider in Australia?

Changing one's Internet or TV service provider can be extremely confusing, although it really shouldn't. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple task is confounded by the fact that most providers don't want their customers to drop them. They'll do a lot to ensure you stay with them instead of leaving for greener pastures.


Here are the best tips on how to make your transition infinitely easier.

Research Makes Perfect

The first thing one should do is prepare to select a new provider. This requires thorough research, not only on what other providers work in your service area, but also on what kinds of services they offer.

ADSL, Cable and Satellite plans all differ in terms of costs and the benefits they confer. It's important to pick a service provider that can supply your property with the fast data rates and consistent service availability you want.

The perils of not doing your research are grave. If you leave it up to a potential provider to educate you, they'll probably just try to sell you whatever they've got, regardless if it actually fits your needs. Figuring out what you want beforehand is the only way to ensure you'll end up satisfied.

Review Your Contract Terms

Your current service provider probably made you agree to some kind of contract. If you aren't careful, your decision to end your service at this time may incur a financial penalty that you'll be legally obligated to pay.

Peruse the terms of your contract carefully. Find out if there are early termination fees. If there are, you might want to wait to switch over so that you have enough money to pay for the new plan you want.

Also make sure that you know who owns the equipment currently installed in your home. If it belongs to your service provider, they'll take it with them when they go, and you'll need to get replacements from your new provider.

You should exercise similar caution while evaluating new service providers. Realize that the price you see advertised might lock you into a new long-term contract.

Make the Jump
Finally, let both your old and new providers know of your plans ahead of time. If you give advanced notice, it will be easier to make sure you'll be at home when technicians come to remove and install your service.