Why is it worth to choose a bundle instead of individual services n Australia?

With so many telecommunications service providers now operating in the marketplace, consumers are being given a wide assortment of choices, which is good. Competition between rival companies also has had a positive effect on consumer options, with each provider vying to give a more attractive deal on the services they provide in order to capture a larger portion of the available market share.


In addition, companies are adding additional services to their respective product lineups. Companies that may have at one time provided telephone service only may now have branched out into offering television service, Internet access and a variety of mobile service applications.

With so many choices now becoming available and users wanting access to a wider range of available services, finding the most cost effective means of acquiring exactly what you need can be confusing. Some of the available options currently available include:

· Telephone (land line) service
· Mobile phone service
· Television programming
· Dial-up Internet service
· Broadband Internet, i.e., ADSL and ADSL2+
· Mobile Internet service

In addition to the many types of telecom access available, there also exists an array of methods in which these services may be transmitted or delivered. As an example, companies using existing phone lines to provide broadband Internet may offer a package deal, referred to as a bundle, for a user requiring a telephone land line along with their Internet access. Other users may want an ADSL connection transmitted through the telephone line but may not want the actual telephone service itself, as they primarily rely on their cell phone and have no need for a land line, other than to receive their broadband connection. In this instance, naked ADSL would be an appropriate choice, if it's available.

Bundles vs. Individual Services

While it is possible to pick individual services from individual providers, this would almost certainly be a more expensive option than choosing one of the many bundles offered by most service providers. Bundles come in a variety of configurations, giving users the ability to mix and match whatever services are available in a combination unique to their specific needs. This can typically include any or all of the services listed above, with a total of more than 40 combinations (or bundles) offered. Bundles also make billing a much simpler affair, since an array of services can be paid through a single invoice. There's no question that bundles are better.