Like most other leading providers of broadband and mobile services, TransAct offers numerous communication solutions for residential and businesses, as well as bundle plans. Owned by Australian giant iiNet, TransAct offer service to over 140,000 residential customers, 50 government agencies, and 5,000 businesses in the region they cover.

Founded in 2,000, TransAct has had a number of firsts in the Australian communications industry. It was the first company to offer FTTP services and hybrid fibre-cable in regional locations, among others.

A full-service provider of telephony and Internet services, TransAct offers broadband Internet, land line phones, mobile phones, television, video on demand, and business services.

TransAct broadband services are available in a number of forms, including ADSL, Naked DSL, and access to the National Broadband Network, which is not yet complete. The company also offers a number of mobile broadband services, so people can connect tablets and laptops wherever they are.

One of the benefits of offering as many plans as TransAct does is the fact that individuals can save money by selecting the right plan. Access to the Internet can be an expensive, but necessary, utility. However, when individuals choose the right types of Internet services for them, they save money by avoiding overpaymet for a type of Internet service they do not need.

Similarly, TransAct's plethora of competitive and flexible mobile plans make it easier for the company to offer services that will satisfy their customers' needs. In addition to the mobile plans, TransAct offers both VOIP (Internet) phone and phone that uses a land line. These options mean that residential customers can select the best and most cost-effective plans for their families.

Transact also offers sophisticated business networking and connection services that range from VOIP centers to network and data solutions.


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