TPG is a communication firm designed to help Australians communicate faster and more consistently through innovative and cost-effective product bundles. The company offers a number of services designed with Australian customers' needs in mind.

From prepay mobile service to broadband Internet, the services are far-reaching and custom built for the residential or business customer.

Some of TPG's services include:

- Broadband home Internet available over a number of channels, including ADSL2+ Internet, Naked ADSL2+, mobile broadband, and dial-up services

- Flexible mobile phone plans, including innovative and low-rate prepaid plans and mobile data packages

- Easy-to-use home phone systems, including VOIP and land line home phone. TPG also carries phone cards and has competitive long distance plans.

- IPTV, a simple mobile television service that allows individuals to watch live channels streaming on their Internet ready devices

- Cost-saving bundles that combine home phone and Internet

- Customized business solutions to mobilize and support today's modern small business.

- Sophisticated business networking solutions including domain hosting and network creation

- Business video surveillance

Individuals can choose TPG's services if they want to stay on the cutting edge of communications technology at a relatively low price. TPG's bundles make even the fastest Internet speeds and most robust home phone plans affordable.

By bundling home phone and Internet and choosing mobile-TV services through TPG, people can cut down on the number of bills they pay per month. Prepay, no-contract, and contract-based plans make using TPG's services simple no matter an individual's financial situation.

Multiple choices for Internet, phone, and extra services make it easier for individuals to get the coverage they need without paying for services they don't. With plans specifically designed for tablets, like the iPad, TPG services are on the cutting edge.