Sptintel is an Australia owned and operated company providing broadband, phone, and mobile services to the mainland. A rich variety of service, customer support, and a positive reputation make Spintel a company to consider when thinking about purchasing broadband services.

Spintel offers a large number of broadband, mobile phone, landline, and VOIP services. The company is dedicated to offering fast, cost-effective Internet. However, they provide many different types of packages at different speeds, which allow individuals to make the best choices for their families regarding Internet speed and cost.


The company offers ADSL2 and National Broadband Network services. Individuals can bundle their broadband services with phone services to save money. The company also offers web hosting.

Home Phone

Spintel offers home phone services distributed over a phone line or the Internet. An Internet (VOIP) phone connection includes many more features than a traditional home phone connection. For example, call waiting and call forwarding are both usually included with VOIP phones. Individuals can purchase either of these services from Spintel and combine them with broadband for a cost saving bundle.

Mobile Phone

For some, mobile phones are now all they need. Luckily, Spintel offers competitive mobile phone plans and bundles.