Optus is a full-service mobile telephone, TV, broadband and home phone service provider that carries the latest in technology for all of its services, including the most recent version of the iPhone. Phones are available for users who don't want the latest and greatest in technology, preferring a simpler phone instead.

It also has an option to buy its SIM card for those who want to switch providers and bring their own phone.

Customers have the choice of going with pre- or post-paid phone services. Pre-paid wireless users have more limited options for mobiles to purchase, but some smartphones are available, although they are lesser models. Post-paid users get a wider variety of phones to purchase, including Android and iPhones.

Those who have a cell phone from another carrier can bring their phone to Optus by obtaining a SIM card that works on the Optus network. The SIM card gives access to 3G Internet access and to any of the available mobile phone plans that are on offer. An owner of an iPhone 5 can get a SIM card that has access to the 4G network.

Broadband services come in a variety of packages to suit the user's needs. The option is there to create a bundle with other Optus services, or just go with broadband by itself.

Tablets with cellular service are available, as well as portable modems. The tablets come with their own data plan, so be sure to read how much usage is available before signing up for one. A USB modem and wifi unit is also available for those who want to be able to get a connection for their portable device as opposed to an all-in-one tablet.

Optus also offers TV services, with different programming packages available to choose from.