MyNetFone is the largest company in Australia offering telephone services that deploy voice-over-IP (VOIP) technology.  MyNetFone is also a leading provider of DSL broadband services.

MyNetFone's VOIP network is called Symbio. 

Symbio is the fifth largest interconnected voice network in Australia and Australia's largest provider of managed VOIP solutions such as cloud-based hosted PBX and other infrastructure-enabled services.  In 2010, Symbio carried over 1.5 billion minutes of voice.

Headquartered in Sydney, MyNetFone was founded in 2004.  It is one of Australia's fastest growing companies. 

MyNetFone's competitive advantage is in pricing;  Its rates are among the cheapest available.  Users complain frequently about the company's customer service options, however, noting that emails to support services go unanswered and that it is very difficult to get through to phone support personnel at the Sydney call center.

Additionally, although basic rates are extremely inexpensive, certain service options are more expensive with MyNetFone than with other telephony service providers.  If you try to opt out of a contract early, for example, you will end up paying a hefty contract cancellation feel.  You will also pay for services like relocating phone service to a new address.