IPrimus, one of Australia's largest broadband and telephone providers, was established in 1993 and provides numerous Internet, phone, and networking plans. Available for businesses and individuals, IPrimus services are designed and customized for the needs of customers.

Internet Services

Like most Australian telecom companies, IPrimus offers a number of different types of Internet services. High-speed broadband services, including ADSL2+, NakedDSL, 3G Mobile Broadband, and Fibre Optic Broadband are all available from IPrimus. Thanks to the large number of plans available, individuals can select the plan that is best for them. For example, Fibre Optic plans are faster but may be more expensive than traditional broadband plans.

Phone Services

IPrimus is a high-quality provider of mobile, home land line, and VOIP phone systems. Individuals can bundle all of the services or just a few of the services to save money on their purchases. Like most broadband service providers, IPrimus offers features with its VOIP and mobile phones, like call waiting, that are not typically available for land line phones without an additional charge.

Business Solutions

IPrimus offers a number of integrated solutions for business clients, including hosted IP phone plans, networking development and support, and mobility solutions. Individuals can even use IPrimus as their primary data and colocation service provider. Website hosting is another key service that IPrimus offers to its business clients.

Customer Support

IPrimus is a customer-focused organization committed to solving customer concerns. Individuals can call IPrimus and use the well-developed website to help them answer their questions. Individuals can also request the assistance of a technician should they have a complicated problem.

Like many other top broadband companies in Australia, IPrimus has much to offer. Individuals and businesses looking to change or purchase an Internet and phone package or business solution can benefit from IPrimus.