Internode, a child company of the diverse broadband, phone, and television provider iiNet, markets itself as the low-hassle company for excellent broadband and home phone services. The company provides high-quality services to homes and businesses in the Australian mainland.


The Internode team claims one of the biggest benefits of choosing this company is the fact that the Internode network is fast. The robust international and national network the organization provides is designed to help individuals work and play faster.


Internode offers access to Australia's largest broadband network with no phone line rental. The ADSL2 internet service Internode provides to its home and business customers is specifically designed to be the fastest in Australia.

In addition to broadband Internet, Internode offers fibre and wireless Internet options to individuals who need faster or mobile solutions. Subscribers to Internode's services can choose mobile wireless via the 3G broadband network, which means that individuals can connect no matter where they are. Additionally, a number of Internode hotspots at public places give subscribers the chance to use free Internet away from home.

VOIP and land line phone options are available from Internode. Business customers can choose from a number of additional options for phone and Internet, including sophisticated networking assistance and business VOIP phone, as well as cost-reducing Ethernet Internet services.

Customer Service

Easy telephone and online support make customer service simple with Internode. The company has relied on the Internet for much of its services to make them more convenient for their customer.


In addition to one of Australia's largest online gaming networks, Internode boasts innovative iPhone and iPad apps, an effective email system, and streaming radio stations for its customers.

Inernode offers individuals access to Australia's largest broadband network simply and with bundling and extras.