You may find a better telecoms package faster and cheaper with the help of Jack!


1. Because you can find a transparent overview of packages of 20 telecommunication service

providers on! So you can easily compare them and choose the one that best fits you in few minutes.

2. Because the comparison of packages is independent and impartial!
Package comparison on the results list of is based on the attributes of packages. None
of service providers pays for being listed. Sequence of lists is based on parameter selected by the
users and there are not any exceptions. aims to enable everybody to choose the best
package according to his/her own criteria, therefore we do not place any “special places” or other paid
advertisements on our results list. We are independent and impartial!


3. Because we draw your attention to the various hidden costs!

Unfortunately it happens that the service provider conjures a seemingly cheap package with
various “hidden” costs into extremely expensive. These costs are made clear everywhere, in order to
avoid that the internet package appearing to be the cheapest would turn out at the end to be the most
expensive. We filter out hidden costs!

4. Because the factual annual costs of every package is calculated in advance on broadbandjack!

Jack calculated the total first-year costs of every package for you (except the traffic rate packages,
because in their case the annual cost is not applicable)! Several service providers give discounts from
the monthly fee of the first one or two months, then start to raise prices gradually. It also happens that
it charges certain one-off fees, which distort the monthly fees. With the help of first-year fees you can
easily compare the annual costs of the packages made “opaque” by different methods and you can
avoid the packages advertised with promising prices but turning out really expensive at the end.