iiNet is a one-stop service provider for numerous high-quality and innovative tv, broadband, and home/mobile phone services. The company, founded in 1993, is the second-largest DSL and Internet service provider in Australia.

Constantly evolving and changing, iiNet is committed to bringing customers cutting-edge services that will make their lives easier.

Internet Services

One of the biggest benefits of iiNet is that there are so many different types of plans to choose from. For example, iiNet offers fast, ADSL broadband, naked broadband, NBN, mobile broadband, fibre broadband, dial-up Internet, and Trans Act plans. The company also offers mobile hotspots, so Australians on the go can connect to the Internet no matter where they are.

Of course, these plans all come at different rates. However, most consumers find it beneficial when they are able to view many different service qualities and rates and make the best decision for themselves or their families.

Phone Services

iiNet offers the full spectrum of phone services, including wired home phone services, VOIP phone services, and mobile services. Individuals can obtain mobile plans and phones from iiNet. In fact, they can bundle all of iiNet's services for a lower rate.

Television Services

Unlike other Internet providers in Australia, iiNet offers television services in addition to phone and Internet packages. Delivered over broadband Internet, iiNet's television service, FetchTV, is an innovative service that combines movie rental, live TV, video games, and music. Individuals can access all of these types of media from their FetchTV boxes. They can also watch, record, and fast forward/rewind live TV. In addition, the FetchTV box allows customers to watch one channel while recording from up to two others.

iiNet offers many bundle plans that can save customers money when they purchase all three services from iiNet.