Foxtel is Australia's largest entertainment communications company, offering stunning entertainment packages that are up-to-date with the latest technological innovations in the industry. Foxtel provides services on current technological devices, including Xbox and Telstra.


Foxtel offers a number of high-quality television channels broadcasting everything from soap operas to sports. The comprehensive, customized packages Foxtel offers makes it easy for Australians to choose the best entertainment services at the rates they can afford. For example, packages start at $45 and go up to $122. Most plans do not require a contract, or the company will give you an iQ machine if you do purchase a contract.


On the cutting-edge of technology, Foxtel offers a number of television-watching solutions that are in-step with the modern Australian's busy lifestyle. Foxtel for Xbox allows individuals to stream Foxtel channels onto their televisions. Similarly, Foxtel with Telstra makes it easy for Foxtel subscribers to view channels over the Telstra boxes. Finally, even the Foxtel TV option comes with a technological touch. Individuals can utilize their iQ boxes to view, record, fast forward, and rewind live television so they can watch the way they want to.

With mobile and HD capabilities, Foxtel offers Australians everywhere the chance to make entertainment theirs again. Many people prefer watching TV on during their commutes, in bed, or places besides the couch in the living room. Foxtel offers options.


Foxtel services are varied, reliable, and technological. However, they cannot be bundled with other essentials like home phone and Internet. Because of this, some people find Foxtel too expensive. Further, though the packages designed by Foxtel are intuitive, especially for those who enjoy sports, it is still necessary to spend over $100 if you like certain channels that are only offered in the highest-priced package.


Foxtel packages

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