Although it entered the technology world as a consulting firm, Extel began offering consumer data services in 2004. Today, Extel offers services to over 125,000 individuals in mainland Australia and Tasmania. Extel offers one of the largest ranges of services in Australia at some of the lowest prices.


The range of services that Extel offers is quite broad. For example, individuals can obtain ADSL1, ADSL2, fiber, and wireless broadband services. The organization also offers numerous telephone services including VOIP, home phone, and wireless calling. In addition to these basic services, individuals can also obtain domain hosting and PC security services from Extel.

Another positive to this company are the price ranges. With many different bundles and packages to choose from, there is pricing that fits almost every need, including prepaid plans.


Extel services over 100,000 clients but has just over 100 employees. Extel prides itself on this fact and their ability to offer so much of their support on the Internet. However, this can cause problems for customers who have complex issues that the company cannot solve. Though Extel now offers phone support, it may be slow, since the number of employees is low. In addition, Extel does not offer any in-person support. Instead, individuals who use Extel services must pay for a third-party Extel repair technician to come to their home.

Deciding whether to go with Extel is a challenge. On the one hand, it is an established company with a plethora of services and some of the lowest prices on the market. However, customer service may be lackluster when you need it. Still, Extel is an established company with a strong, established network that will not likely experience many connectivity issues. And the extensive web support is useful.