Eftel is Australia's largest provider of communication services, offering everything from Internet services for individuals to telecommunication infrastructures for businesses.


Because Eftel is a large, established Internet and telephone provider in Australia, one of its advantages is that the company's network is less likely to experience trouble than a newer or smaller service. In fact, Eftel boasts that it operates one of the most advanced ADSL networks in Australia.

Further, Eftel offers a number of innovative products and services, including Australia's first prepaid broadband, a service that eliminates bills, contracts, and hassle when it comes to Internet providers. The company also offers a range of Internet products, including dial-up, wireless phones, and home phone connections. Products can be bundled and innovative pricing options means greater comfort when it comes to paying for Internet and phone services.


Eftel is a large company that is a mother company for several other brands, including ClubTelco and aaNet. One problem with choosing such a large company is the fact that it is easy to get lost in the busy, hectic atmosphere.

Eftel does not offer cable television bundles. Their services are purely communications related, phone and Internet.