One of the best broadband choices that have emerged on the market is Dodo. It is a remarkable new provider that is affordable for the average consumer. The new broadband provider offers many different options to choose from.

There are the bundles which include Broadband plus Home Phone, Broadband Unbundled, and Naked ADSL. There are mobile broadband packages available as well.

Dodo has a starter packages where there are five options to choose from. In the Plans with More option, Pen do pads are offered along with a variety of phones to choose from. There are also Prepaid plans for those who are looking for a set amount of minutes and wish to pay in advance for them. There is also the Buddy box which allows customers to share their internet connection throughout their homes. It is a box that connects to a power outlet and the customer's phone which allows the customer to use the internet and the phone as well. It operates over a mobile network and their are no line rental charges.

Dodo also offers anti-virus protection for those who have home computers. The anti-virus protection is offered for as low as $1.90 per month. An anti-spam protection program is also offered in combination with the anti-virus protection. Dodo has also recently began to offer their customers unlimited broadband without the bundle. This is especially convenient for those who do not wish to have a phone or internet in their home. There are only a limited number of internet companies that offer this kind of option to their customers. Another recent deal is the Magic Sim. This is a combination of a sim card with the customer's choice of plan.

Dodo has a wide array of broadband options for their customers to choose from.