Club Telco

Club Telco

ClubTelco may be one of Australia's newest broadband and phone companies, but it certainly has enough services and benefits to compete with the larger companies.


ClubTelco offers the same products and services as most large broadband providers in mainland Australia. You can purchase your mobile phone, home phone, VOIP phone, broadband, and wireless broadband services from ClubTelco. Like most other broadband companies, ClubTelco offers cost-savings plans if you bundle their services. For example, you get a much lower rate on all of your services if you buy a plan that combines home phone, wireless phone, and Internet. A potential downfall is for those who just want one of these services, finding a cost effective rate can sometimes be challenging. However, ClubTelco does have some rate benefits over its competitors.


ClubTelco's prices are attractive to many potential broadband subscribers because the provider offers both a lowest rate guarantee and month-to-month plans. The company guarantees that its customers will always have the lowest rate plan available for the combination of services that they want to purchase. If the company offers a new or promotional rate that is lower than what you are already paying, they will automatically discount your plan with no change fees. Similarly, ClubTelco does not require its customers to sign long-term contracts. You can cancel your service at the end of every month.

Customer Service

Australia-based, ClubTelco has customer service agents available to answer technical and account questions seven days a week. Account holders are assigned a personal assistant, and the organization offers a rewards program for loyal customers.

ClubTelco is a new, Australia-based provider of services. With a number of plans and competitive pricing, it is a viable solution if you're looking for local phone and Internet services.