Interesting Facts about Broadband



Interesting Facts about Broadband

Internet has become a vital tool in all aspects of society: business, education and personal are the three basic uses of the internet. Following are a few facts that you may already know and others that you didn’t. After this reading you won’t become a broadband specialist or know exactly what a naked adsl plan is, but it will shine a few more lights in this incredibly immense new world. Enjoy!

●    South Korea - was the first country to complete the conversion from ‘dial up’ to broadband, executed by 2005!

What is ‘dial up’? Before broadband the users connected through their phone, every time they connected it was like dialing their telephone number. Making it impossible to be connected and receive a phone call at the same time.

●    Sweden - IT history was made in Karlstad when a residential connection reached the blistering speed of 40 GIGABITS PER SECOND enabling the user to download a HD DVD in 2 seconds - the Usain Bolt of broadband.

HOW? The owner of the residence, Sigbritt Löthberg, is the mother of internet legend Peter Löthberg. Who used his mother’s residence to demonstrate the world the possibilities his project had.   

Peter Löthberg "I want to show that there are other methods than the old fashioned ways such as copper wires and radio, which lack the possibilities that fibre has,"

●    Google - estimates there are about 5 million terabytes of data (1TTB = 1,000GB) stored in the internet. To give a physical example, you could fit this data into just 200 million Blu-ray disks.

●    Banner AD - the first banner ad was by AT&T in their “you will” campaign and was placed on the HotWired home page in 1994.


●    Emails - around 250 billion are sent every DAY and from these the staggering figure of more than 80% are pure SPAM.

Fastest broadband connection, top 10 countries (average peaks)

Global average - 15.9 MBits/s

1.    Hong Kong - 54.1 MBits/s
2.    South Korea - 48.8 MBits/s
3.    Japan - 42.2 MBits/s
4.    Latvia - 37.5 MBits/s
5.    Romania - 37.4 MBits/s
6.    Belgium - 32.7 MBits/s
7.    Switzerland - 32.4 MBits/s
8.    Bulgaria - 32.1 MBits/s
9.    Israel - 30.9 MBits/s
10.    Singapore - 30.7 MBits/s     

DID YOU KNOW? Though there are two primary types of broadband connection, namely set series broadband and wireless broadband. Within the wireless broadband there are many different sorts: WI-Fi, Wireless Constancy, 3 grams, 4G, Globally Interoperability for Microwave Access, Satellite, MMDS and Free Room Optics.