Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband

Using some of the latest technology and operating one of the largest wireless networks in Australia, Aussie Broadband offers wireless and tethered Internet and phone solutions for residential and commercial clients. Some of the services they offer include mobile phones, mobile Internet, home phone, and home Internet.

Because it is one of the largest broadband and mobile networks available for Australians, one of the advantages to Aussie Broadband is the fact that it covers both rural and urban areas. Aussie Broadband knows the different needs that both areas have and can provide service and support for both regional and rural customers. Similarly, Aussie Broadband's coverage of residential and commercial clients gives them a wide range of knowledge of what each customer needs and how to ensure that customer has the proper package and maintenance.

Aussie Broadband offers several different service package deals for individuals who use the phone and Internet in different ways. Some of these deals include free national and international calls and different speeds of Internet.

Locally owned and operated, Aussie Broadband's benefits include having local technicians throughout Australia, offering different levels of service, and maintaining state-of-the art technology, which means and less downtime.