Located in Australia, Amaysim is a local, innovative solution for mobile data and voice users. Offering a range of plans, Amaysim allows Australians to outfit their own phones and tablets and with the company's SIM cards. The simple solution is heralded by many Australians as one of the best because of its ease.

Others, however, prefer the deals on devices that other Australian mobile companies offer.

One of the biggest benefits that Amaysim offers is their flexible, non-contract plans. Being locked into a contract is something that many mobile broadband and voice users detest. When they are locked into a contract, they can't switch providers without paying a costly fee, even if they find a deal that is better for them. Non-contract plans are also a favorite of occasional phone and broadband users who do not want to pay a lot of money for a service that they will hardly ever use. Amaysim offers a number of plans for people who use different amounts of data and minutes.

There are many Australian mobile broadband and voice companies to choose from. What sets Amaysim apart is the sim-card-only design, flexible plans, and local customer support.