Adam Internet

Adam Internet

Adam Internet was one of the largest independent ISPs in southern Australia before its 2012 purchase by Telstra.

In 2009, Adam Internet provided connectivity to 80,000 customers, approximately 35 percent of the South Australian Internet market.

That same year Adam Internet began working on contract with South Australia's state government to eliminate broadband blackspots in Adelaide's metropolitan coverage.
In October 2012, Telstra purchased Adam Internet in a deal worth over 50 million Australian dollars.  Telstra is Australia's largest provider of telephony and Internet services.

Adam Internet grew out of the Adelaide Amiga Club, a hobby group that was formed in 1986 for Amiga computer users.  The hobby group developed into one of Adelaide's most popular bulletin board systems, and from there into a full-fledged ISP.  The company believed strongly in supporting the local economy of South Australia, and reinvesting profits to expand local communications infrastructure.

Adam Internet provided a range of extra services at no additional charge that reflected its noncorporate past.  These included a network of gaming servers and mirrors for various popular Internet radio stations.

Adam Internet will continue operating as a stand-alone brand, offering residential and business Internet connectivity.